Provincial environmental protection + national environmental protection is strict and intensive. Are you ready?

Liaoning Provinces Standard for Industrial Air Pollutants Emission from Magnesia Refractories Industry has been implemented. In 2019, the first round of environmental protection supervision entered Liaoning Province. As a magnesia refractories enterprise, are you ready?

The Industrial Pollution Emission Standard for Magnesia Refractory Materials Industry, drafted by the Office for the Protection of Special Industrial Resources of the Peoples Government of Liaoning Province, the Liaoning Provincial Air Pollution Prevention and Control Center, Zhongye Coking Resistance (Dalian) Engineering Co., Ltd. and Zhongye Coking Resistance Engineering Technology Co. This standard is the first in China and is applicable to the management of air pollution emission from refractory industrial enterprises within the administrative region of Liaoning Province, Environmental impact assessment, design of environmental protection facilities, completion and acceptance of environmental protection projects, and management of air pollution emissions after the issuance of emission permits and the commissioning of such projects.The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Design of Environmental Protection Facilities for Industrial Construction Projects with Magnesia Refractories, Design of Environmental Protection Projects, Acceptance of Completed Projects and Discharge Permits.

As early as 2016, the magnesia refractories industry in Liaoning province began to clean up the environment, So in 2017, when the countrys environmental protection came, Liaoning Province fought a prepared battle, and the price of magnesia rose rapidly to an unprecedented high, and companies made a high profit. But environmental pollution is not temporary, but long-term persistence in order to achieve green water and green mountains.

In recent years, environmental protection has become more and more normal. National and local governments have been conducting environmental supervision and acceptance. On April 29, the Ministry of Ecological Environment held a regular press conference, planning to launch a new round of strengthening the environmental protection supervision work from May 8. On May 9, the General Office of the Ministry of Ecological Environment issued the Notice on Carrying out the Integrated and Strengthened Supervision (First Round) of Ecological Environment Protection in 2019 as a Matter of Urgency, The document involves 25 provinces and municipalities such as Liaoning, involving 7 special contents, and sent to relevant departments in the form of urgent documents. The strengthened oversight working group was also unified on 14 May. This means, the new round of ecological environment inspector coming! Liaoning Province is the focus of this round of Environmental Protection Supervision, and the magnesia refractories industry will face a new round of severe environmental protection test as a polluted area.

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