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           Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County Deming Magnesium Products CO.,LTD was established in March 1996, located at Pianling town in Xiuyan.It covers an area about 20 mu. There are two light firing kilns, which produces high quality caustic calcined magnesite for the main industry.It is well known in the same industry with high quality .It is a excellent enterprises.
          Our company has advanced production technology and mature management mode.At the same time, we have increased the investment in environmental protection for several years in a row. At present, in addition to the sound environmental protection facilities, office buildings, standard warehouses, ramon equipment and other hardware, we also strengthen the greening and beautification of the plant inside and outside, backed by green mountains and forests.Our company can produce more than 20,000 tons of high quality  caustic calcined magnesite every year, which is the main source of raw materials for the Group's large crystal and fused magnesium products.

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